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UpperRight's GenAI Application Framework

GenerativeAI is expanding, accelerating and automating every point in the creative development, production and optimization process. While those who stay on the sidelines will undoubtedly fall behind, there are a number of critical questions for executives to answer:

  1. What use cases do you start with?

  2. How do you manage change?

  3. What is the right way to manage risk?

  4. What tools actually work?

  5. How do you measure success?

Our GenAI Adoption offering is designed for clients who need to responsibly apply GenAI to the content supply chain and reduce costs in a compliant way.

In under 6 weeks, we identify high impact, low effort use cases, plan and manage change, and implement the right generative AI tools we know work at scale. 


GenAI Adoption Accelerator

Develop GenAI use cases and pilots that lower cost and implementation risk

  • Design 3 use cases (art/copy/code)

  • Design measurement framework

  • Validate cost savings

  • Define responsible use practices

Timing: 6 weeks


Firefly Generative AI in Art, Copywriting & Code 89248.jpg

GenAI in Creative & Content Playbook

Download our playbook, authored in partnership with the ANA

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