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Insights & Optimization

With the amount of spend on data and insights, UpperRight organizations are able to turn insight into action, and use real-time analytics to inform go-to-market strategy, content and channel experience.

Customer Insights Framework

Create a path to value within one business quarter by identifying core opportunities to turn insights to action in your channel and customer engagement systems, and designing use cases to incorporate systems of insights into systems of engagement.

Customer Insights Activation

Take action on your existing advanced analytics and data visualization investments, turning patterns and trends into experiences and conversions. We design and implement processes to better integrate Insights with systems of engagement or record, empowering your front and middle lines to make better data-driven decisions that drive growth and enable them to work more efficiently

GTM Spend Optimization & Marketing Mix Modeling

Our solution evolves from attribution to AI-powered modeling, helping leaders pinpoint cost savings and hidden revenue opportunities within their existing GTM spend. We deliver a proven framework and workflow that removes time lag, drives accurate revenue projections and answers CFO insights into the effectiveness of GTM spend across marketing, sales and service. 

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