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Advisory services for the now, near, and next phases of your business

For marketing and technology executives

Executive advisory

Whether your ambition is a complete transformation, an executive re-evaluation of your Salesforce strategy with more accelerated time to value, or a more agile approach to what efficiencies you can realize next - our executive advisory services are highly personal and prioritized to meet your now, near or next milestones.

Experience design

We know experience is everything. Delivering on the promise of great customer experience remains a challenge, especially in today's markets.  Brands must deliver more valuable, lasting connections to their customers and employees – from the first touch to the next best action. We can help uncover and create those moments.

Partner selection

Choosing the optimal partner for a Salesforce implementation, integration, or managed service is not an easy process. Are your decisions based on cost, quality, time to market, product or industry expertise? Do you have to work with a procurement department? Our 15+ years of experience with more than 50 Salesforce partners make us the perfect partner to help drive your Salesforce service partner selection.

KPI design

You may be measuring lots of things, but are they the right things?  Our c-suite scorecards employ a blended approach of marketing, media, commercial and journey-based measures that are designed to help you make better decisions, and determine an ROI that even your CFO will appreciate..

Service delivery models

What is customer service in today's world, and how do you provide it? From tiered models to on-demand automation and bots, our experience can help provide the right degree of customer touch. Your customer service should be just that: removing burdens for customers, and providing delight whenever and wherever possible.

Value optimization

Getting the right value from your Salesforce investment starts with defining outcomes, not just meeting install dates.  It’s not about how many certified consultants are on your business, but what level of sales or service efficiency and effectiveness the solution is driving. We help clients define and deliver against the platform outcomes. that matte, rather than point solutions in your stack. 

For owners and operators of services companies

Defining your ambition

For many service providers, demand has been constant while talent has been challenging. Having the vision and resources to grow your offerings from products to solutions, or from one vertical to several - is a process that requires a deliberate growth strategy.  Our time working for some of the largest services companies in the world, means we can help you grow your business, moving from current state to an enduring go-to-market brand who’s value becomes exponential for you and your employees.

Offering outcomes

Outcomes over installs. It's what your clients want, and it's what you need to deliver. How do you work backward from from the answer to the question? How do you frame the project or program so that you and your clients are aligned on the business objective, not just the techinical specs?  We help services businesses define client KPIs and outcomes values that exceed client expectations, and then help architect the offerings to match.

Elevating partnerships

How mature and valuable is your partnership with Salesforce and other technology partners? Do you view it as a sales channel, or your source for product training? Services companies that develop a comprehensive approach to partner management reap the rewards vs those who don't. Sales, marketing, talent development, product and service alignment, joint solutions, and shared KPIs - all areas that when defined and agreed to with your partner, can accelerate your business like never before.

Scaling delivery structures

Do you organize your delivery teams around the products you specialize in, around the industries you have the most experience in, or in dedicated client-specific pods? Maybe you've done a little of all three, or tried something else entirely different. When so many organizations are also virtual - how do find the optimal way to scale when the growth comes at you so quickly? Our experience building and overseeing thousands of employees in global delivery teams - means we can help you define and implement the right model for your business now, near, and next.

Developing solutions

"Solutions" is often a meaningless marketing word. But, for services businesses who understand their customer's challenges, and see those same challenges repeated across an entire market - developing real solutions can be invaluable. Combining people, processes, technology, and data, wrapped together with reference architectures and experience models into repeatable packages - can reduce your sales cycle times, speed up your delivery times, and  improve your margins. Most of all, it will make your customers happy. 

Serving the CxO

As trusted advisors to the c-suite, we guide service providers in understanding the executive mindset throughout their entire partner selection process. What does it take to be the trusted go-to partner of a CMO or CIO? What are their values and needs as buyers of services, when those decisions are often career-making or breaking? We can up-skill your sales and marketing teams to be more effective partners to the c-suite.

Creating a talent factory

Let's face it, there are simply not enough certified consultants on the planet to satisfy the demand for services in the Salesforce ecosystem, and horse-trading with competitors will not solve the problem. So how do you find and grow talent, and how do you do it within an economic framework that your business can support? We can help you build your own 'talent factory' to find the next generation of consultants, and train them not just in Salesforce but in your company's 'way'.

Increasing valuations

If you're considering the future of your business, or want to position the company for the kind of growth you know is possible, we can help. Usually owners are thinking not just about themselves, but about the careers and well-being of their whole team. When it comes to raising capital, or positioning and packaging your business for a transaction, we can help you in ways most bankers can't. As operators who have been on both the buy and sell side, we understand what's needed to develop that plan, and see it through. 

The longtail of Salesforce consulting partners will benefit from UpperRight’s knowledge, experience, and network - helping them mature their offerings to meet the increasing demands of the c-suite while accelerating growth, improving partner management, and increasing the value of their consulting businesses.

 - Brian DeMelo, former head of agency alliances, Salesforce

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