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Managed Services

We run, manage, support and improve our customers' experience platforms and empower the teams supporting them.

The UpperRight Advantage:
flexibility + accountability

What if you could access MVP-level talent across a trusted network of experts in a single agreement, with standardized roles, predictable rates and delivery excellence built into every engagement? 

UpperRight's unique structure ensures one accountable partner with delivery scale across the UpperRight Network. Our customers get the right team, right model, and right talent to deliver outcomes quickly.


Right Team

  • Right size: flexibility across talent

  • Right location: Central, hybrid or local

  • Right structure: advisory, project, ongoing

  • Right governance: COE vs. localized

  • Right price: rate flexibility and choice


Right Model

  • COE Centralized: One Team/One Location

  • Regional: One Team Per Region

  • COE Hub & Spoke: In-Market Teams

  • Distributed: In-Market/Near/Offshore

  • Regional Hub & Spoke: Teams in All Locations

  • Embedded: Team Placed Inside Client


Right Talent

  • MVP level resources

  • 5-25+ years of domain experience

  • Standardized resource levels and rates across UpperRight network

  • Expertise and accountability without overhead – we handle the complexity

Managed Services Offerings

CDP & IdentityOps

Deploying expert teams to support:

  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

  • Composable CDP Platforms

  • Data Analytics Platforms

  • Customer Data Integration

  • AI Development Platforms

  • LLM Model Management

Experience Activation

Deploying expert teams to support:


  • Marketing Automation​ Platforms

  • Journey Orchestration Platforms
  • Real-time Decisioning Platform

  • Customer Servicing Platforms

  • AdTech & Media Platforms

  • Social & Search Platforms

Salesforce Industry Clouds

Deploying expert teams to support:

  • Financial Services Cloud

  • Media Cloud

  • Consumer Goods Cloud

  • Health Cloud

  • Life Sciences Cloud

  • Manufacturing Cloud

Content Operations

Deploying expert teams to support:

  • GenAI Tools & Content Creation

  • Content Management Operations

  • Creative Automation & Optimization

  • Personalization & Offer Management

  • Channel Analytics & Optimization

  • Marketing Workflow Management

Salesforce for Marketing

Deploying expert teams to support:

  • Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement

  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

  • Marketing Cloud Personalization

  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence

  • Data Cloud For Marketing

Salesforce Integration

Deploying expert teams to support:

  • MuleSoft Composer

  • MuleSoft Automation (RPA)

  • MuleSoft Anypoint

  • Salesforce APIs

  • Salesforce Platform Events

  • Salesforce Shield 

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