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IdentityOps /īˈden(t)ədē ops/ (n)​ is your operating model for the people, processes, and technology to source, manage, and activate customer data to create better more personal experiences and deliver strategic business benefit.

Getting the Framework Right

IdentityOps means getting a lot of things right, with your people, processes and technology being the most critical. Organizing your internal and external teams into the right roles with the right responsibilities is essential. Workflows and processes ensure quality and streamline time-to-market. And the right tech makes all those moments of truth happen.


People Questions

  • Do you have the right people?

  • What identity skills do they have? 

  • Do you have the right roles defined?

  • Do you have a governance model?

  • Should any talent be external?

  • How do you help people get better?


Process Questions

Technology Questions

  • ​Do you have a customer strategy?

  • Where do you source your data?

  • Do you have data compliance? 

  • How do you do ID resolution?

  • How do you turn data into insight?

  • Can you develop dynamic segments?

  • What platforms are you using?

  • Do you have a CDP in place? 

  • How are you integrating legacy data?

  • Can you push IDs into activation?

  • What are using to measure?

  • Is your tech supporting your goals?

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The UpperRight CDP Primer

Download our just-released executive overview of Customer Data Platforms

IdentityOps Solutions for RightNow


Identity Accelerator

Define your identity maturity and path to value

  • Assess current state

  • Map customer data

  • Define data readiness

  • Determine data literacy

  • Deliver IdentityOps Roadmap


Data Cloud MVP

Deploy Salesforce Data Cloud to test audiences and business case

  • Design, build, deploy

  • Provide rapid release lab

  • Audience creation

  • Audiences: up to 10

  • Activation channels: 1

Managed Service

Data Cloud Foundry

Deploying expert data teams to support ongoing identity activation

  • Supports internal teams

  • Augments external teams

  • Advisory or execution

  • Focus on activation


Dynamic Profiling

Modernize your approach to customer segmentation

  • Assess current state & models

  • Establish profiling model

  • Define data dimensions

  • Identify data sourcing

  • Deliver action plan


Data Cloud Launch

Deploy Salesforce Data Cloud to accelerate personalization initiatives

  • Design, build, deploy

  • Provide rapid release lab

  • Audience creation

  • Audiences: up to 25

  • Activation channels: 3

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