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Our Story

Such is serendipity

It all started when a couple of former global consulting partners,

agency holding company executives and a leading marketing technology provider sat down and realized


we all shared a common vision:


We recognized that, in today’s attention economy,

customer relationships and experiences were becoming

far more digital than physical. That companies needing to acquire and service their customers through mobile apps, websites and platforms were going to need more than just big consulting firms and big agencies selling them big technology transformations and digital platforms.

They were going to need more thoughtful strategies, more human messaging and more connected people processes at the right moments in order to drive real customer value. 


Having all had the personal experience that bigger isn’t better,

we knew there was a better way.

So we decided we would offer clients a different way forward –

a partner who could provide them a very senior, strategic team of hands on executives – backed by a hand-picked network of best in class product and industry delivery partners.  And together, we would help them define, design and deliver programs and experiences that would drive more immediate outcomes and ultimately, help them get…


to the UpperRight.

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