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The UpperRight CDP Primer
First Edition, Q4 2023

Download UpperRight's latest CDP Primer now!

Interested in learning more about Customer Data Platforms? Register now to download our 12 page primer on CDPs. Written for marketers and customer experience leaders, our primer cuts through the hype providing a simple overview that answers basic questions:

  • What is a CDP?

  • What does it do?

  • What data does it use?

  • What are its use cases?

  • How does it fit in your stack?

  • Are there regulatory issues?

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 11.20.49 AM.png
Get the Primer Now

How can we help you accelerate your Identity maturity RightNow?

Identity Accelerator

  • Assess current state

  • Map customer data

  • Define data readiness

  • Determine data literacy

  • Deliver IdentityOps Roadmap

Define your identity maturity and path to value

Timing: 6 weeks

IdentityOps: your solution to managing enterprise identity 

Are you wrestling with organizing all your customer data, both legacy in-house data, and the flood of digital "signal" data (social, web behavior, etc) to create a single view of the customer that you can operationalize across all of the experiences in the customer journey?

Our IdentityOps solutions focus not just on implementing technology, but also ensuring your organizational models, teams, skills, and processes are aligned to make you a success. Learn more about our customer identity solutions.

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