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Experience Recap: 5 Key Takeaways from Salesforce Dreamforce 2023

I stood amidst a bustling crowd at the airport last Thursday evening, surrounded by a mass of tired faces. Yep, the majority, like me, had just wrapped up a heady week at Dreamforce. It felt like the collective mood was split between the buzz from the event and the impending dread of that 6-hour red-eye flight home. But hey, if you’re gonna lose sleep, might as well do it at Salesforce's ultimate AI, Data and CRM party, right?

You'd think by now we'd have a good idea of what to expect from  Salesforce's flagship event. But this year? Oh boy, they went ALL in   on AI. The question on everyone's mind, though: Did it deliver?

Coming from a background in Financial Services and consulting,   my radar was on high alert. I wanted to get a feel for the pulse of   the industry, see where businesses are headed, and listen to what customers are really after. I found myself going to the data - how many of my fellow travelers were thrilled, and heading home to apply what they learned right now? How many took away excitement about their findings with an understanding that they have some people and process hurdles to overcome? How many were hesitant, and while they want to trust they need to verify and plan before diving in? How many left very hesitant or even flat out frustrated? 

Before I delve deeper, for those of you who just want the juicy bits without the fluff, here’s a quick rundown:

  1.  AI is the big cheese now. Want your slice? Check out point #2.

  2.  Data Cloud. Embrace it folks. It's what's cooking behind the scenes.

  3.  Industries.  Salesforce is diving deep. Think of it as a deep commitment to industry-specific applications.

First - let’s level set. Every Dreamforce has been about knowing your customer, and leveraging data and technology to power experiences that bring you closer to them on any channel. Essentially, a hymn to the importance of exceptional customer experiences. This year, however, it felt like the chorus changed. Salesforce's recipe has evolved.

Sure, Salesforce remains the go-to for sales, service, and marketing. Their Einstein suite? Gold. But this year? Let's just say they flipped the script. Kicking things off with a mega AI announcement and wrapping up with a casual drop of hiring 3,000 new personnel for Data Cloud? Talk about making a statement.

The vibe? Salesforce is shouting from the rooftops: "We’re so much more than a CRM!" Think of them as that cool friend who’s got the answer to all your AI needs. They’re your business BFF, ready to help you conquer with their shiny AI toolkit. What’s the toolkit? 

  1. A data platform built on an open and connected cloud ecosystem with best-in-class integration

  2. An intelligent AI platform and flexible automation system for process management

  3. Native best in class industry applications

  4. An experience layer to power both internal and external processes

  5. A partner ecosystem ready to deliver quickly.

The Good Vibes?

  • The buzz around Industry offerings.

  • That excitement from the crowd with every AI Innovation

  • The might of the Data Cloud and the product progress made over the past year 

  • And oh, that Productive FOMO – the kind that gets the gears turning!

But, Not Everything Was Rainbows:

  • Hesitation - Been there, done that? Customers felt a sense of déjà vu. Can Salesforce walk the talk this time around?

  • Anxiety - So much tech, so little time. Plus, the constant scramble for talent. Deep breaths, everyone!

  • FOFU - For those wondering, it stands for Fear Of Fudging Up. For a fun read, check out this here.

To Wrap It Up: 5 Takeaways To Maximize All Of The Knowledge

  1. Plan ahead. Always. Know what applies and what doesn’t based on your roadmap

  2. Knowledge is power. So, know your numbers.

  3. Navigate with a maturity compass.

  4. Invest in the right talent.

  5. Nobody starts with a clean sheet of paper - for more on this, read our CEO’s blog on the Myth of the Single stack

In a nutshell? Dreamforce 2023 felt like a new chapter. At UpperRight, we’re all here for it. And, we’re helping customers find the right way forward... now, near and next.

Until next year, tech enthusiasts. ✌️


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