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Generative AI in Creative & Content
Exploring New, Now and Next Applications

ANA Masters of Marketing 2023 Presentation

Upperight's co-founder, Alan Schulman recently presented to a standing-room only audience at the annual ANA Masters of Marketing event. Cutting through the hype, and addressing the real challenges marketers face in harnessing GenAI in creative and content. Check it out.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 1.32.31 PM.png
See the Presentation

UpperRight's GenerativeAI Application Framework

GenerativeAI is expanding, accelerating and automating every point in the creative development, production and optimization process. UpperRight can help you harness the power of GenAI in your business - in practical, outcome-focused applications. 


Let us help you with Generative AI RightNow

When you want to know which generative AI tools can accelerate your content supply chain, scale content to meet your marketing needs, and responsibly reduce cost.

GenAI Adoption

Develop secure GenAI use cases that acclerate output, lower cost and minimize risk

  • Identify three hi-impact/low effort use cases & cost savings

  • Define responsible use practices

  • Establish agile governance process to deploy RightNow

Timing: 6 weeks

ContentOps: your solution to managing enteprise content 

Are you spending too much time and money on content and need a more efficient and standardized workflow? Is your content spread across the organization? Do you need to produce content at scale to support your sales, marketing, and service channels?

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